How To Order

How To Order

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Refer to the Stamp Questions and Tag Questions tabs above for specific questions regarding those topics.

To order a custom stamp, (they are all custom unless it's a karat stamp listed) you first need to obtain a quote. Email your design as a PDF, or JPG file and let us know your size requirement. DO NOT SEND ACTUAL SIZE ARTWORK. DO NOT SEND .Doc or .DocX files. Send it at least 10X larger than the actual size you want, then specify what size you need it reduced to. If you want the stamp to fit tags, simply state that you want it to fit whatever tag style you plan to order. If the stamp is for something else, let us know what size it should be. If the stamp is to fit inside of ring shanks, let us know how wide the ring shanks are that you plan to stamp.

FAX# (626) 793-9491 or Call (800) 243-3543 or (626)793-9489

Very Important: As for the size, do not indicate "As small as possible" unless you really want it as small as it can possibly be. This usually ends up not what the customer wants yet is very frequently requested.

Many designs can be made so small that it would not be legible unless magnified. If this is truly what you want, then specify that, because once it is made, all sales are final and if it is smaller than you had expected, you would have to order another, larger stamp. To avoid issues such as this as well as many others, we strongly suggest ordering our low cost, high quality digital caliper. When used correctly, this tool can help you figure out what size stamp you require.

Once you receive a quote, simply go back to our site, add that item to your cart and select the price tier that you were quoted. There is no need to resubmit your artwork. Just make sure to use the same email address when setting up your account that you used to originally submit your design. This is also very important.

To order non custom items simply add them to your shopping cart and check out.

Thank you for shopping with Microstamp