Tag Questions

Tag Questions

Stamping the tags yourself saves tons of money vs. buying pre-stamped or pre-engraved tags that are often very limited as to what you can have on them, they look much better than engraved tags and it's very easy to do! You don't need any custom aligning "gimmicks", and the quality will simply amaze you. The results are far sharper than mechanically or rotary engraved tags.

You can have practically anything you want, even your own signature! (the more text or intricate your design may affect how visible the final outcome may be so, as a rule of thumb, the more basic it is, the more readable it will be.

First, you need a stamp. To purchase a custom stamp submit your format for a price quote. We don't have any setup charges or hidden fees unlike the other guys. We give you the actual price for the completed stamp. Please email a JPG, TIFF, or PDF file with your design. You can use any font that you have. We have no limits on what we can do therefore we don't have a list of 10 or 20 fonts to choose from. We can, however, typeset your artwork for you and send you renderings of what it could look like. We are also not limited to just text. Many people send in hand drawings which we can easily turn into a steel stamp that can be used not just on the tags, but on any surface that is able to be stamped.

After you have received a quote via email then go to the Straight Stamps category on the website, and using the drop down menu, select the price that you were quoted and add the stamp to your shopping cart. Continue shopping for tags, a Stamping Block or anything else you may need and proceed to checkout.

When your order comes in, we search our email database for the email address you used to obtain a quote, and we then locate the artwork that you originally submitted, so you don't need to resend anything.

We make your custom stamp, send you your order and you can start adding custom tags to your jewelry. It's that easy!